happyowl (happyowl) wrote,

Greenward and my "green" pendants...

Recently I made some pendants for the lovely (and kinda new) shop, Greenward, in Cambridge, MA. They carry sustainable goods of all sorts and the store is just beautiful, run by the duo Scott & Simone (of Magpie and BazBiz fame).

The pendants are new for me. A couple months back I experimented with broken glass--firing it in the kiln a few times, adding imagery, etc. I'm really liking the organic forms the shards produce and I'll continue to make these one-of-a-kind pendants. Since they're made from broken pieces of glass, every one is unique. I think next time I'll photograph them "before and after", so that you can see the piece before it was melted.

Here are a few with the enamel-painted imagery of fir tree, owl and beetle. The enamel allows the image to be ultra-bright, making them pop out against the deep shades of the bottle glass:

recycled fir tree pendant

The enameled owl:
recycled owl pendant

And the beetle:
recycled beetle pendant

A few are available online at my Etsy shop as well as at Greenward in-person.

Back to prepping for Bazaar Bizarre! Can't wait!
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