happyowl (happyowl) wrote,

studio pix

October has been flying by! I'm shocked that it's nearly November, but I love the cool weather.

Just a few of the un-picked pix to share of my shoot for the Handmade Nation book. I've been meaning to take some photos of my studio for the website, so this was a nice, gentle 'reminder' to do so...

A view of the glass-working area of the studio:

A view of the office/packing area of the studio:

Working on cutting some glass in the cutting space (albeit messy!):

My scrap pieces of glass... I have a lot of them:

Making some badges:

The small kiln (a bit in disrepair), while very hot:

A batch of badges being fired to 1500:

The original "super-owl"! A ceramic owl with human feet I made years ago:

Hope the fall is treating everyone well. Take care!
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