happyowl (happyowl) wrote,

posting to say hello, and let everyone know that our site is now officially closed (this coming a few days late, i know). this is a temporary closing, as we are getting ready for a new addition to the family and, coincidentally, yet another move to a new place (right in the same week as my due date... oh boy!). it's going to be overwhelming to say the least! but exciting too, and we can't wait.

our ETSY SHOP is still open, and i'm adding items by the day including dishes, pendants, and artwork among the items that are already there. since these items are ready-to-ship, i'll get them out as soon as possible after payment is received (with a little help from family if necessary!).

this will likely be our last posting for quite some time, so take care everyone and have a most wonderful summer!

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