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This Little Happy Owl

thinks you're special

6/3/08 03:09 pm - Our move...

Hey all!

Happy Owl Glass has a new blog, which will cover our adventures on-the-road with the business and Maisy. Wish us luck and be sure to stop by!

I'm sure we'll have some interesting tales to tell with a one-year-old...

and a 13-foot trailer in tow:

And if you're in Brooklyn June 14/15 or San Francisco July 12/13, please visit us at the Renegade Craft Fair to say hello in-person! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you there as fellow vendors, too!

2/13/08 11:30 am - Badge Menagerie

The new Badge Menagerie is finally up!


Plus, our bag is available over at Greenward (and online). I wish I could have been there for the whole opening, but I had to catch a flight at 8 (though once I got to the aiport, I found out it delayed a bit so I could have stayed longer). It was nice to stop by briefly at least. I'm so happy with the way it turned out!



2/1/08 09:27 am - New prints!

There are 8 new gocco prints available over at the site:


Also, if you're in the Boston area next Thursday, Feb. 7, be sure to stop by Greenward in Somerville! From 6-8pm they'll be having a chocolate tasting (!) as well as the launch of the tote bag that I did an illustration for. In celebration of Bower Birds! Hope to see you then! :)

1/16/08 08:34 am - January Sale!


Happy Owl Glassworks is having a huge sale! Head on over to check out all the goods before inventory runs out. This sale will last until the end of the month, then in February we'll introduce some fun new stuff!

sale at happy owl!

More updates in a bit... January (and thus '08) has been a bit out-of-the-ordinary thus far, so I hope all is well with everyone!

11/29/07 11:18 am - Greenward and my "green" pendants...

Recently I made some pendants for the lovely (and kinda new) shop, Greenward, in Cambridge, MA. They carry sustainable goods of all sorts and the store is just beautiful, run by the duo Scott & Simone (of Magpie and BazBiz fame).

The pendants are new for me. A couple months back I experimented with broken glass--firing it in the kiln a few times, adding imagery, etc. I'm really liking the organic forms the shards produce and I'll continue to make these one-of-a-kind pendants. Since they're made from broken pieces of glass, every one is unique. I think next time I'll photograph them "before and after", so that you can see the piece before it was melted.

Here are a few with the enamel-painted imagery of fir tree, owl and beetle. The enamel allows the image to be ultra-bright, making them pop out against the deep shades of the bottle glass:

recycled fir tree pendant

The enameled owl:
recycled owl pendant

And the beetle:
recycled beetle pendant

A few are available online at my Etsy shop as well as at Greenward in-person.

Back to prepping for Bazaar Bizarre! Can't wait!

11/14/07 10:03 am

How are your pre-holidays going?

Things are busy as ever here! First off, Happy Owl Glassworks is having a BIG SALE--owl nightlights, pendants, in-stock badge-pendants, T-shirts... take a peek over at the site to check it out. The sale ends on Saturday, November 24.

Also, I've just added some onesies to my Etsy site. In the spirit of Maisy, I decided to print up a few...

baby owl onesies

I drew this 'baby owls' illustration while Maisy was just a week old (needing a little distraction from the lack of sleep). I've been wanting to print it on onesies for quite some time, and I did so on organic cotton to boot! I also printed the illustration on blank cards and patches:

baby owl onesies

Check them out over at Etsy (gee I love Etsy)!

Okay back to work... I'm just glad that I finally got my items out to Craftland and my ornaments over to Art Star. Phew! Now it's on to working-like-mad on Bazaar Bizarre items...

10/23/07 09:09 am - studio pix

October has been flying by! I'm shocked that it's nearly November, but I love the cool weather.

Just a few of the un-picked pix to share of my shoot for the Handmade Nation book. I've been meaning to take some photos of my studio for the website, so this was a nice, gentle 'reminder' to do so...

A view of the glass-working area of the studio:

A view of the office/packing area of the studio:

Working on cutting some glass in the cutting space (albeit messy!):

My scrap pieces of glass... I have a lot of them:

Making some badges:

The small kiln (a bit in disrepair), while very hot:

A batch of badges being fired to 1500:

The original "super-owl"! A ceramic owl with human feet I made years ago:

Hope the fall is treating everyone well. Take care!

9/21/07 04:52 pm - News, news, news.

Hey there!

A new nightlight is available over at the site! Introducing the Gentle Jackrabbit:

jackrabbit nightlight

In other news, I just wanted to share this beautiful ring that Justin got for me. I learned a couple of years ago that I am allergic to metal, so I can't wear my wedding band. He bought this wooden ring (with silver adornment) for my birthday:

pretty ring

Her site has some other beautiful work, you can view it at Brittany Jewelry.

In other other news... Maisy laughed for the first time yesterday. The sweetest giggle I've ever heard :) She is also excellent at the guitar:

8/30/07 10:24 am - hello from long ago!

It feels like so long since I've posted! It's been one fantastic summer... having a baby will do that. :) Maisy Rae was born on the summer solstice. We're all doing well and she is smiling like crazy! It's hard to believe she's 2 months old already, but it's wonderful to get that happy smile everyday. Here she pretends to sing karaoke:

But it's back to business now... I'm so happy to be back in the studio! As well as glass, we've also been working on a new website design. More photos means a better feel for the product, so we've taken lots! Be sure to stop by the site to peruse. There are some exciting things happening over there (taken from our newsletter)...

CUSTOMIZE your badge or pendant! Over the years we've illustrated creatures for our glass Badge Menagerie, from insects & squirrels to robins & oxen. Typically we only offer the "current" species of the season, but for a limited time we're putting you in the designer's seat: choose from loads of colors and over 50 creatures! Again, this is only for a limited time so take advantage of this fun option:

custom badges & pendants!

SALE! Our Night-Owl nightlights are only $30 each until September 20. Also, our Great Grey T-shirt is now only $20!

NEW MINI PRINTS of our Great Grey Owl illustration. Two color choices and, as always, printed individually and all by hand. Plus, our Macro Pendantss are back.

DON'T FORGET: There are always special items on sale over at our Etsy site!


Thanks to everyone for your patience over the past few months! Hopefully it won't be so long before the next posting. Take care.

5/15/07 11:44 am

posting to say hello, and let everyone know that our site is now officially closed (this coming a few days late, i know). this is a temporary closing, as we are getting ready for a new addition to the family and, coincidentally, yet another move to a new place (right in the same week as my due date... oh boy!). it's going to be overwhelming to say the least! but exciting too, and we can't wait.

our ETSY SHOP is still open, and i'm adding items by the day including dishes, pendants, and artwork among the items that are already there. since these items are ready-to-ship, i'll get them out as soon as possible after payment is received (with a little help from family if necessary!).

this will likely be our last posting for quite some time, so take care everyone and have a most wonderful summer!

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